A Very Fall Shoot

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Today I had a reunion shooting Reza, a male model in Vancouver. I met Reza from Hook Me Up: I Want a Modeling Contract. Back in 2009, Brandon and I created a modeling competition for charity and Reza was one of the top 10 contestants. All the funds raised went towards my family’s non-profit organization, The Play 4 Phil Foundation, which helps under privileged kids attend sport camps and scholarships for post-secondary education.

After 4 years we haven’t changed much, besides Reza graduating from BCIT, for the most part we looked the same. It was a great day to shoot outside, minus the ocassional showers of rain (that’s Vancouver for ya), the overcast day was, yes, you guessed it, perfect lighting. We started on an old staircase on East 2nd Ave towards Clark Ave. I remember shooting here when I was 22 with Peter Taylor. The first look was Reza in a heavy blue Ralph Lauren caridan, white jeans with navy blue chukka boots. Not surprisingly, I started to sweat, dripping down my face as I casually wiped them away. Reza wasn’t making me nervous but it’s just the initial start of a shoot that gets me going.

I may have mentioned this before but when I shoot models, there are usually 3 different looks in order to develop variety. Out of the 3 looks, one of the looks will be the strongest and between model and photographer, we individually and subconsciously know which look is our favorite. My viewers choice went to the second look at the rail way tracks near Terminal ave. It must have been the beige trench coat that I had Reza wear. Trench coats give me fashion orgasms I crave.

The third and final look was done in Gas Town. I have bad memories of shooting in Gas Town with Nicki three weeks prior because I recently paid a parking ticket I received. It wasn’t my fault either! The damn meter ate my money and I wasn’t about to waste more then $1.50 on putting quarters in. After a failed dispute, I ended up paying the parking ticket. Anyway, Reza was clothed in Banana Republic, J.Crew and Gap, a very preppy look that he pulled off; and he pulled off these sick commercial looking poses. Looking forward to posting my work soon. #photoglife


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    I can already tell that his 2nd look is sharp

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