Before I jumped into the modeling industry, I forget that my first introduction into the industry was actually behind the camera. I was 15 in grade 11 at Spectrum Community High School when I took my first photography class with Mr. Barnes.

It was in the dark room where I developed my first negatives and realized how intriguing light manipulation was. There were projects that involved shooting nature, product and sunsets that encouraged me to leave school campus which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Throughout the years I would become a subject in front of the camera, learning how light meters, reflectors, ISO and f stops would work. Not being passive, I always inquired about what lighting techniques they were attempting to achieve. In Vancouver, I had met several photography students in Langara’s Photography class that enabled me to work with a variety of different skill level photographers.

Next thing I know, I had made a solid network of photographers to learn from. It wasn’t until October 2012 when I got my hands on my first Canon camera and soon after picked up my first Adobe Photoshop and my sister who is also a photographer taught me the foundation of photoshop and trust me, photoshop and your lens are your bestfriend.

Being in front of the camera and now behind the camera has allowed me to be empathetic to both party’s. I truly enjoy the magic I deliver when I give my clients their final image.