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It was my first time photographing a yogi and let me tell you, all the right clicks needed to be pushed to capture the right angle because holding a pose for more than 2 seconds is challenging, even for an experienced teacher. With my background being in editorial fashion it was a nice break away from what I normally shoot and give myself the knowledge of photographing different yoga poses. We shot over the course of two days so I would not be exhausted, ya know this old age is getting to me. The first day of shooting I brought all my equipment except my flash; thank God I remembered to bring my reflector. The sun was definitely appreciated as I used it to bounce off light towards my subject.

The day prior Marcus and I went to scout locations downtown and I gave him several options, we were trying to avoid bird feces, the tourist crowd and a flat surface was crucial. I was thankful for the early morning shoot and being in the shade because knowing me all I do is sweat when I got my game face on. Just my luck I packed a different camera bag and my flash ran out of batteries so the shoot was put on hold for 5 minutes while I ran to the mall downtown to pick some up. Normally I am prepared, that’s what I get for taking a hiatus on the photography front.

Surprisingly I didn’t need to take hundreds of photos in order to capture a single good one, hats off to the model. The most shots that I took for a single pose was 15 and comically enough Marcus was just praying with his eyes closed while completely stationary. The next shoot I commit to will not be 3 months from now, more like in 2 weeks. Fall fashion is approaching. #comethroughwithit



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