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I have to admit that being a travel consultant and selling people the world at times takes over my life when all the while all I really want to do is create art. I don’t want to sound like I am taking for granted a job that gives me the opportunity to travel the world and take time off to pursue my dreams but there comes a point when I’m sitting at my desk daydreaming about the photo shoots that I could be involved with.

Moving forward with my gratitude I just want to talk about one of the greatest gifts I was able to give my best friend and his fiancé as a wedding present, my photography.  I mean they seriously were not going to get engagement photos done, what kind of couple nowadays doesn’t want memories of their pre-wedding extravaganza?

The photo shoot was done swiftly on a weekend when I went over for just two nights in Vancouver, I quickly brainstormed a couple outdoor locations that would work for the inspirational photos that they wanted executed and in addition, I got a studio just to shoot in front of a simple white backdrop.

My best friend B being a former model knew his angles and where to look; his fiancée on the other hand needed a little bit of encouragement and direction. If anybody has seen the show Friends, they’ll know Monica Geller; similar to her I don’t mind bossing people around. After the shoot Tim told me that the one thing he will take away from the shoot besides having fun is that he now knows to extend his neck to give his head some depth. I love teaching people their best angles. I am so proud of how this image turned out below, not only do they look candidly happy but it’s worthy of a JCrew campaign ad for #equality where #loveislove


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