Family Portrait

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Shooting a family member who is a photographer is easy yet intimidating. There is nothing in my repertoire that can be said that my sister hasn’t already taught me. There are specifics that my sister wants done so basically I am pointing and shooting. I am even told where to stand and where to crop the photo whilst leaving room for enough head space. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.

I brought along my mother to assist with getting Jake to smile but I guess she lost the memo because she did not make Jake smile. I told her to jump around and be silly but my mother decided to just say “I don’t know” in Vietnamese. I believe it’s because she was afraid to look anything but silly in front of my brother in law – which is a tad odd since we’re family right? I tried to be silly and raise my hands up and down but it doesn’t work as well when I’m trying to be steady and focus on their eyes so I get a crisp shot.

The day was a little cloudy which gave for perfect lighting and the backdrop was gorgeous. My sister has shot here before at the Japanese Gardens in Gorge park. I remember playing at this park as a little kid but this was a new addition. The shoot lasted for about 20 minutes tops since photographing kids is not fun for them and they would rather walk around and look for rocks and point at butterflies – who can blame them?


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