First 2016 Hollywood Shoot

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Photographing Beau was fun as it was my first shoot of the year in LA. In just a white tee, I was pleasantly comfortable shooting outside in the evening. In Canada, you would never be able to get away with shooting outdoors with a model in February. The model would end up with hypothermia and my fingers would fall off. The great thing about scouting locations the day of shooting is that everything is fresh and without premeditation. All I needed to know was his wardrobe and the right side of my brain went off and visualized an entire concept just from walking around my friend’s neighborhood.

As a photographer I always learn something about the model and about myself in every shoot. This model wanted me to tell him how he should feel versus give him a scenario for him to portray & play out. For example, I told him that he should model like he’s a pop star and this is his cover art for the back of his album. It probably doesn’t make sense unless you see where we were shooting but it looked very John Mayer-ish circa 2016. There is nothing better than shooting a model that has experience and is comfortable in front of the camera aka #camerawhore.

I gave Beau a choice between listening to Breezy or Bieber and guess who he chose? Music is always a good idea while on set, it allows the model and especially me to get in to the zone. Admittedly I acknowledged that when I first started shooting models, I would be so focused on the technical aspects of the shoot in regards to aperture/shutter speed/ISO and lighting that I would forget about styling, making small talk with the model and just sweat through the entire process. Glad those days are limited now that I have more experience.


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