First 2016 Canada Shoot

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This last shoot was done at the beginning of January in Vancouver and it sure felt like a winter shoot, thank God we shot the majority indoors however one of the looks was shot outside – brrr. I chose The Burrard Hotel because I liked its 70’s retro modern vibe. I do have to say their branding on their website is well done because it’s not as polished in person as it is in stills. The hotel’s postcards featured my model friend, she was the best thing about the ad.

The model was a nice fella I’ve shot before, he has shown interest in pursuing a career in modeling and enlisted me to help him achieve some looks. However his main purpose of the shoot was to be in underwear because that’s where he felt most comfortable and his area of expertise. Although I helped style him with beautiful pieces, that was not his forte which I thought kind of odd. A male model will only book with a variety of looks, having a portfolio full of skin and underwear isn’t well rounded; a tip that went largely ignored. This new generation kids want one thing: to be instaFamous. They want hundreds of thousands of followers to validate themselves, something I needn’t worry about when I was a teen. #thankgod

I even joked and said “You want photos that make you look like a porn star?” and he replied with an ecstatic “Yes”. Let’s just say I did not capture any images of him looking like a top or a bottom ready for exploitation, I was more interested in shooting fashion – like I always am. This goes back to the niche market of shooting the male form which I think is redundant, although beautiful – not my focus. Of course I could have picked up a camera, shot all these half naked guys, made a calendar, posted a gofundme account but I don’t want to fall in to the same category as all the other photographers. I love to shoot fashion. #nuffsaid


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