I shot a toddler!

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The day was characterized by a few breaks of sun and lots of showers, so thank the Lord we were shooting indoors. My subject was this adorable 4 year old girl who is not afraid of anybody or anything. She loves to laugh and is super outgoing. The beautiful thing about photography is learning from other photographers, now my sister shoots mostly product & weddings and gave me some tips in order to blur the background and focus on the subject.

I’ve never photographed (besides my baby nephew) anybody younger than 18 years old so for that reason and that reason alone I was nervous, it was new territory. The purpose of this shoot is to get her represented by a kids agency for commercials and print in Vancouver. There is no doubt in my mind that she will not get picked up, if not immediately. My former job at MTSC enables me to see potential in kids, teens and anybody interested in modeling & acting. I am my own Simon Cowell #LOL
What I learned about myself is that I can relax and have fun with a child and cater to their language. You have to accept the fact that kids aren’t like adults, you can’t expect them to know their angles; you need to have patience and play with them as much as you photograph them. To get her to laugh I would make this cookie monster voice and ask her “Are you bored? Are you having fun? You need to smile. That is a fake smile. I want to see a real smile”. And her answer? “You’re being silly!” That made me laugh even more. It was a great experience and I’m grateful for it.

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