I Sweat a lot when I shoot

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Photography now a days is a profession that most people can pick up moderately easy if they invest in a decent camera. Even the iPhone 5 produces quality images but lets be real, not everybody is a photographer, not even the best selfie taking individual. A good photographer with experience in lightroom or photoshop is a whole other level. I have always been a believer in maintaining if not surpassing the adequate skills of a photographer. That’s why the other day I couldn’t help but look through several photographer’s portfolio’s online and feel inspired by their work.

When I shoot a model, whether it be for a client or my own portfolio, I can’t help but put pressure on myself. Internally my thoughts are jumping from point A to Y and back to J constantly, hence why I perspire so much. Why I do this to myself? It’s just habit because if I don’t push myself for achieving the best that I can deliver, then whats the point in shooting? To get average photos? I think not.

Photography is just one side of it though. An ideal model is one that arrives to work it out on set and doesn’t yawn throughout the shoot. The model of my dreams will have a variety of facial expressions and understand how to compliment their body and the clothes they are modeling. ie. what shapes to create with their body while flattering the clothes simultaneously. Certainly, the model of the year would go to one who feels confident enough to strike a candid pose but is not needy to request to look at the image screen every 10th frame.

After my shoots are over, I get this euphoric sigh of relief and I’m normally starving. I am reminded this is what I love to do and I am headed in the right direction. Pursuing photography has only just begun and my short term goals include but are not limited to; being published in fashion magazines, The Province, Georgia Straight and Frontiers Magazine in LA just to name a few, bring on the fall y’all. #letsgetit


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  • Tina

    A very inspiring and “insider’s” view into the creative mind of Robert. Loved reading it!

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