Photography of 2 Lady Subjects

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Shooting two female models in one day, boy oh boy do you have to have all the right elements fall into place in order for things to run smoothly. It was one of the few days in August that it wasn’t super hot and sunny but perfect enough lighting wise. However, like every true Vancouver-ite, you had to carry an umbrella but not one of those cheap umbrellas that snap real quick but a solid windbrella; preferably with a wooden hook as a handle.

Out of all days though, really? Mother Nature, you had to go and shower on me and my models on our outdoor shoots? It was super overcast and showering every second hour. Do you know what humidity and rain does to one’s hair? Hot mess central but thankfully, my two female models had superstar resistant Caucasian locks to withstand the stubborn humidity – phew.

So Nicki and I showed up at Curlique downtown Vancouver and the one and only Jaylene Tyme did Nicki’s make up. An hour later, (girl’s make up and hair take forever) Nicki was ready to change into her first outfit that I selected. While we were shooting, Liz (my second model) dropped by Curlique and got her make up started by Trina, which was awesome. After shooting Nicki’s two looks, I dropped her off at her apartment so she could get ready to spend the night moonlighting as a server and I spent the rest of the evening shooting Liz at Trout Lake.

Styling is key; I learned that today shooting two lovely ladies. They knew how to style for their body, which is always a skill for a woman. Get ready to multi-task if you don’t have a stylist to work with you. All in all, ’twas a busy, fun ass day and I boy do I love making people look good for the camera.



Trina doing Liz’s make up :)




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    That photo of Liz kneeling on the dock!

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