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My last shoot should be called revival – it sprung up during the perfect time as I was gearing towards shooting at my workmates studio apartment before she moved out. Megan was kind enough to lend me her living space and I turned it into my work space for the day. She also played my assistant and I would not have been able to do it without her. Although this shoot was done in March, I haven’t had time to do anything but get over this jet lag since returning from Thailand and being newly engaged to my fiance! I was able to get the very talented Jen Clarke on board to be the MUA and hair stylist and was very fortunate we were able to finally collaborate since we last worked together at Club.

The model and I actually met at the gym in late January believe it or not. I was doing some spider man oblique ab routines and stretching and he inquired about it. After teaching him how it’s done I asked him if he was in to modeling and if he needed any photos for his portfolio. Not surprisingly he was heavy into the social media game and had over 20 k followers; I wonder if he bought any of them? Regardless he was keen and it motivated him to work out and prepare for the shoot. He showed me some photos from his shoots in Los Angeles and his street wear and Kayne inspired looks filled his feed, but where were all the editorial type shots? It was time to bring him to the next level.
We did a series of 3 looks and I it is a constant reminder that not all 3 looks are going to serve up the same life as when I piece them together in my head. What I thought would be my favourite look ended up to be my least, possibly due to the fact that we were outdoors and the sun and major clouds kept on fucking up the lighting and the models hair was blowing in every direction. The only positive aspect was the linen blowed in the wind, like a free fan. I could tell the model was over it however because a March in Victoria is still cold asf. I would have shot longer if it weren’t for the fact that his lips were chapped and his hands were turning blue. Although the model was extremely good looking and photogenic his variety of looks he could produce was limited to one. It was almost like half brooding but not really. Fast approaching May I just realized that I need to get some photos edited for this model.

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