Shooting Bangkok

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My boyfriend (being a native of Thailand) and knowing Bangkok very well was able to select an outdoor location to photograph his best friend. I decided to bring my camera last minute because I knew I wanted to shoot something and threw all worries about excess carry on baggage weight limits out the window. We ate dim sum the day prior and after dim sum strolled over to the proposed location to assess the back drop and it was just as beautiful as he promised. Scouting locations is always interesting because you paint a picture in your head of what it will look like and when you see it in front of you, the rest of your brain pieces together how the finished product will look. I knew when I saw the wall that it was perfect.

The model has been photographed many times before so her experience in front of the camera was not the problem, the heat however was. I constantly sweat regardless but when I am in tropical weather the sweat just does not stop. I was thankful for the handkerchief/bandanas that I brought because they were most certainly soaked within 10 minutes. The graffiti background with her white high-waisted flared trousers and red Louboutin shoes made a solid contrast. It seems as though we selected a popular area to shoot in and I am glad we got there by 9 am because by 10 am there were several other party’s that were keen on using the same spot.

We only shot 2 looks because it’s hard to get a model to bring a variety of clothes without a personal assistant or a trailer to tow the wardrobe but it all worked out. My boyfriend was the best assistant I could ask for, unfortunately the boyfriend in me disappeared as I got in to controlling director mode but he rolled with the punches and did not complain and we even got a couple laughs out of the whole scenario as he poked fun at my change in attitude. Hey sometimes I just need to get the right shot and I need the assistant to do specific things. Advice always scout a location before bringing the art to life, it reduces the risk of shit going sideways.


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