Shooting Fashion in Victoria, British Columbia

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Shooting Shawn Henwood was a breeze; I didn’t realize how many hot spots there are to shoot in good ‘ol Victoria. It is a photographer’s dream to have a back drop like Victoria, so scenic, so vibrant and so rich.  It was 10 am when I showed up at Henwood’s apartment with three different looks for him to try on. Being a Henwood, he wasn’t ready and he was walking around his apartment eating a banana. One comment I will never forget telling him is that “You need new shoes, those Aldo shoes with the square toe is from the early millenium. Nobody wears those anymore.” Well, nobody fashionable.

After shooting our second look at Gorge Water Way, I noticed a hair salon right outside my car so I went in and asked if I could do Henwood’s hair in the salon. Without a doubt and nobody else to ask for permission, the hair stylist let me use an empty chair. Like a pro, I did a comb over for Henwood, using the hair stylists product, water bottle and comb. A client sat in the hair stylist, Lindsay’s chair and I started chatting her up, telling her that she didn’t look a day over 40 and she said it’s because Lindsay was such a great hair stylist who touches up her roots. For a second, I felt like I was a trained hair stylist who worked at that salon.

Normally, my first look I style for the model is the strongest and my favorite. This shoot was different, I preferred the 3rd and final look. Maybe it was the military peacoat, maybe it was Henwood finally being comfortable in front of the camera, maybe it was the backdrop, regardless it was killer. Within 20 minutes we got at least 5 frames that would blow all the other shots out of the water and I was satisfied.

Having a government job, Henwood still has aspirations of being a model. He kept asking me about what agency he should go to and asked several other questions I can’t recall but just because you have a day job, doesn’t mean you still can’t pursue your dreams. Henwood was a joy to shoot and when I would give encouraging words he would involuntarily make this agreeing sound and nod his head slightly. #LOL


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  • Shawn Henwood

    Loved the shoot Rob!!! Your a blast to shoot with. Would recommend you to anyone who needs photos! Will have to do it again!!

  • James Ho

    The photos from the third look are truly amazing!

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