Southeast Asia’s Photogenic

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The beauty of Southeast Asia haunts me with distinction. It marks me for further investigation while inspiring my soul. It was no mistake that I brought along my camera, rested on my upper back of my solid camera pack I invested in 2 years ago.

When you photograph a country as beautiful as Thailand, you get the sense of it’s aura. While traveling in Vietnam, my only regret was not traveling to Ha Noi or Ho An or Da Nang and photographing the plantation and the locals. This gives me the continual obsession with traveling and leads me to an opportunity of returning to a country that gives me all the heat & humidity.

It’s funny, when I was out on the beach taking photos of Railay Beach, the first thing that fogged up besides my sunglasses was my lens, I couldn’t take a photo because it wouldn’t focus. Lemme tell you, the weather in Southeast Asia is not conducive to clear lens or a dry pair of boxer briefs. Constantly I had to wipe my lens for that perfect angle, not to mention my constant wiping of my forehead, neck, small of my back and armpits.

One of my favourite things I shot while traveling was definitely a grey Langur monkey. I’ve never seen a monkey that exotic up close and it’s feet dexterity was captivating. One day when they invent a waterproof DSLR, a go pro can only do so much. Love love loved photographing while on vacation, barely needed to photo shop anything. #realtalk

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